Note to ESL and EL Civics Teachers

Greetings, Teachers!
This ESL and EL Civics website is specially designed for computer lab sessions. ESL students of all levels will find it easy to navigate, easy to read, and fun to browse. Although it was originally designed for computer lab sessions, it can also be used with interactive boards. Just remember to speak loudly when reading the captions.
All of the DOWNLOADABLE worksheets and games on this website are FREE and REPRODUCIBLE for classroom use. I usually give the students one of the worksheets to complete during our computer lab session and another one for lesson reinforcement and extension once they are back in the classroom. The BINGO games and crossword puzzles provide further fun and lesson review.
Be sure to show the students both BACK arrows; the one on the toolbar, which is usually located at the top of the page, and the one at the bottom of the actual web page.
If you have an interactive white board, the material can be taught verbally by asking questions, discussing the pictures, and reading the captions aloud.
Please contact me if any of the links on this site lead to non-ESL material, if you would like to request a special unit of instruction, or if you would like to help me with this website. I will gladly put your name on any unit you help with, and I sure could some help.
One last note: Although permission is granted to reproduce and modify any of the downloadable PDF worksheets for classroom use, please remember that the copyrights to the photos on this website belong to various photographers. It is illegal to copy these pictures and photos. Permission is granted to link to any page of this website. Our home page is
Happy teaching!
Christina Niven

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My Other EL Civics Website: - Picture tours of the Statue of Liberty, Washington, D.C., and the Gateway Arch. Also, includes a unit with facts and pictures of the Americian Bald Eagle. Free worksheets, BINGO games, crossword games, photo stories. Perfect for ESL citizenship classes.

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