California Facts and
Activities for ESL Students

Directions:  Look at the pictures, read the questions, and write your answers on a piece of paper.  Check
your answers on the last page.  There are ten questions in this California quiz.                
 (10 questions)

1.  What is the capital of California?
a.  Washington, D.C.

b.  Sacramento

c. Las Vegas
2.  What animal is on California's flag?
a.  giraffe

b.  polar bear

c. grizzly bear
3.  What is California's state flower?
a.  golden poppy

b.  orange tulip

c. green leaves
4.  What country did California gain
independence from in 1848?
a.  Mexico

b.  Spain

c. England
5.  What was discovered near Sacramento
on the American River in 1848?
a.  golden poppies

b.  oil

c. gold
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