WASHINGTON, D.C. Memorials
Former Presidents of the United States
    George Washington
Washington Memorial:  
The Washington Memorial
is the tallest building in
Washington D.C.  It is
hollow inside and tourists
can go to the top.
Stamp:  This old two
cent stamp has George
Washington's picture
on it.
George Washington: (1732-1799)
Washington was the first
president of the United States.  
Washington, D.C. is named after
him.  He served two terms.
Mount Vernon:  
This was George
home.  It is just
outside of
Washington, D.C.
on the other side
of the Potomac
River in Virginia.  
Washington is
buried here along
with his wife,
Quarter:   Washington's
picture is also on the  quarter.
    Thomas Jefferson
Two Dollar Bill:  The
back of this two dollar
bills shows the signing
of the Declaration of
on the picture to make it
larger.  Then click on the
Back arrow on the
toolbar to return to this
Jefferson Memorial:  The bronze
statue of Thomas Jefferson
(shown in the picture to the left)
is in the center of the Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson:  
(1743-1826)  Jefferson
was the 3rd president
and the main writer of
the Declaration of
    Abraham Lincoln
Pennies:  President
Lincoln's picture is on the
front of the penny and the
Lincoln Memorial is on
the back.
Lincoln Memorial:  The statue of
Lincoln (in the picture to the left)
is inside the Lincoln Memorial.
Abraham Lincoln:  (1809-1865)  
Lincoln was the 16th president
of the United States.  He was
president during the Civil War.
Ford's Theater:  Lincoln
was shot in the head at
this theatre.  He died a
day after he was shot.
Bridge:  The Lincoln Memorial is
next to the Potomac River.
    John F. Kennedy
John  Kennedy: (1917-1963)
Kennedy was the 35th president.  He
created the Peace Corps in 1961.
Eternal Flame:  John F. Kennedy was the
fourth American president to be assassinated.  
This flame is next to this grave.
Famous Quote:  Click on this
picture to read a famous
American quote by J.F.K.
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